Welcome to the one-hundred-and-thirtieth (130th) edition of the Windows 365 Community newsletter! We highlight weekly Windows 365 news, free events, tips, and tricks from the world of the Cloud PC.

Are you interested in knowing more about what Windows 365 Boot is and what the different version of it could be used for? Check out Ola Ströms post on the topic, where he discusses the different versions and what the potential usecases could be.

Read the full post here: olastrom.com – Windows 365 Boot – What is the fuzz about?

In the last days of February, Microsoft released the Cloud PKI service as a part of the Intune Suite offering. Having a PKI solution in the cloud has been something which has become more and more important as we see more device being managed using cloud soltutions. But how does it stand up against one of the more popular competitors?
Jon Towles has done a great comparison between SCEPman and Microsoft Cloud PKI, but also a dive into how to configure it.

Read the full article here: Microsoft Cloud PKI has arrived to deliver certificates (mobile-jon.com)

As Microsoft Intune Suite was released the last month, we have seen a lot of new features being introduced. One of them is the Microsoft Enterprise App Management service, but there are a lot of other package manager services out there.
Andrew Taylor has written up a great blog post comparing the different top actors in the market.

Read the full post here: Comparing Package Managers – Andrew Taylor (andrewstaylor.com)

Our computers is what in the digitial workplace is amongst what has the biggest environmental impact. Using Windows 365 we could potentially increase the lifespan of our computers, but it also has the great benefit of using combined cloud resources. Ola Ström has written a blog post discussing the different environmental aspect of Windows 365 and cloud computing.

Read the full post here: olastrom.com – How to Save the Planet with Windows 365

The newly introduced Windows 365 Boot modes Shared PC and Dedicated has now gone in to General Availability (GA). Elina Luthra at Microsoft has written a great blog post about the release of the new Windows 365 Boot modes.

Read the full post here: New Windows 365 Boot and Switch features now available | Windows IT Pro blog (microsoft.com)

Copilot for Windows is being introduced gradually into new markets, but how can we as IT admins stay in control and choose when it should be enabled?
Aresh Sarkari has written a great post walking us through how to control it using Settings Cataloge in Microft Intune for both our physical and Cloud PCs.

Read the full post here: Windows Intune Settings Catalog Policy to Disable Windows Copilot – Windows 365 Cloud PC & Windows 11 + Bonus PowerShell | AskAresh

As we conclude this week’s journey through the latest developments and insights within the Windows 365 Community, we hope you found the curated content enriching and inspiring. From Windows 365 Boot to Cloud PKI and application package managers.
We invite you to dive deeper into each topic by exploring the full blog posts linked above. Your engagement and enthusiasm for Windows 365 drive us to continually uncover and share the most impactful stories and resources.
Until we meet again in our next newsletter, we encourage you to explore new features, embrace innovative solutions, and transform your digital workspace with Windows 365.

Until next time, happy computing!

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