Welcome to the fourth Windows 365 Community newsletter! We highlight weekly Windows 365 news, tips, and tricks along with announcements from the world of the Cloud PC.

Let’s have a look at this week’s news from Windows 365 Cloud PC.


Microsoft Meets Community is back! 09 September 2021

The Microsoft Meets Community brand stands for highly technical sessions from the best speakers of the Microsoft Engineering team and the community and this September they’re back with an awesome headlining topic: Windows 365. 

The speakers are Scott Manchester, Ben Whitmore, Donna Ryan, Patrick Köhler, Anoop Nair, Ankur Biswas and Christiaan Brinkhoff as well as Christian Montoya!

We as community are super happy to be invited to speak with our community friends! Don’t miss this event and bookmark the event today: Microsoft meets Community: Windows 365 | Cloud PCs

What's new in EUC with Windows 365 recordings available from MC2MC

Christiaan Brinkhoff from the Windows 365 Engineering team will be talking Windows in the Cloud. A new easy way of consuming windows from any device with unlimited flexibility without the need of VDI knowledge. Customers can leverage their existing management solution for both physical, cloud PCs and mobile devices. Lots of demos will be covered – so a must attend session!

Belgium AVD User Group - Windows 365 recordings available

This week, Patrick Köhler and Neil McLoughlin (presented on behalf of Bas van Kaam) presented at the Belgium AVD User Group, which had Windows 365 as the headlining topic. The recordings are available on YouTube and via the video linked above. 

NamasteTechies Windows365 session at the Microsoft User Group Ghana

Our friends Anoop and Harjit presented a great session on Windows 365 for the Microsoft User Group Ghana! Once the recordings are made available, we will let you know! 

Windows 365 end user experience - Petrie Jämsen

Petri Jämsen has written an article, where he outlines his experience with Windows 365. You can read his article here: Windows 365 end user experience — Petri Jämsen (petrieducation.com)

Supercharge Power BI Desktop with Windows 365 Cloud PC

Joel Leichty has written a blog post, where he tests PowerBI Desktop with a CloudPC and shares his experience with the new service. Read the article here: Supercharge Power BI Desktop with Windows 365 Cloud PC – Dynamic Consulting

Gartner Magic Quadrant for UEM tools

Based on the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant research for UEM tools available on the market, Microsoft has been named as leader in this sector. This is also due to the announcment of Windows 365, that offers a unified workspace managed by MEM! Interested what arguments Gartner found additionally? Please find the article here: https://www.gartner.com/doc/reprints?id=1-278WV1R1&ct=210819&st=sb

Time to invest in DaaS? Interesting article by Mrinal Rai

Mrinau Rai shares his thoughts on Windows 365 in an article he has released this week. He compares Windows 365 with AVD and goes over licensing and costs savings and recommends Windows 365 for use cases such as for SMBs. Great blog post that can be found here: Microsoft Announces Windows 365 as Azure Virtual Desktop Adoption Increases: Time to Invest in DaaS? (isg-one.com)

And that’s it for this week! We look forward to what’s coming up next week and keep you updated on our Content Hub! 

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